About Regulations

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Applicable Laws and Regulations

Any other rules of relevant regulatory authorities. All other applicable laws,rules and regulations as in force time to time.

Subject to Applicable Regulations

The Agreement and all transactions are subject to applicable regulations so that Nothing in the Agreement shall exclude or restrict any obligation which we have to you under applicable regulations. We may take or omit to take any action we consider necessary to ensure compliance with any applicable regulations. All applicable regulations and whatever we do or fail to do in order to comply with them will be binding on you. Such action that we take or fail to take for the purpose of compliance with any applicable regulations shall not render us or any of our directors, officers, employees or agents liable.

Action by Regulatory Body

If a regulatory body takes any action which affects a transaction, then we may take any action which we, in our reasonable discretion, consider desirable to correspond with such action or to mitigate any loss incurred as a result of such action. Any such action shall be binding on you. If a regulatory body makes an enquiry in respect of any of your transactions, you agree to co-operate with us and to promptly supply information requested in connection with the enquiry.