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Central Forex is the most advanced platform of foreign exchange.
We are a FX brokers providing investment services to both individual and corporate investors using a professional ECN-based model.We take the burden off our customers’ hands by optimizing all aspects of the trading process,It is possible to trade as wide range and high liquidity and stable operability. To increase profits, we offer a diverse range of trading options back up by Central Forex’s professional technical support and consulting teams. We provide quick and reliable customer-focused service in all aspects of our business whether it be helping you to sign up for a new account or processing your withdrawal requests.
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Professional trader choose Central Forex

Real time reliable pricing
A level playing field for all investors with no dealing desk.
The latest trading technology updated to be at the forefront./h5>
Quick and Easy Funding
Stable execution in volatile market scenarios
Innovative and cutting edge functionality.

Reliable & Safe

Segregation of funds

The funds we receive from all our clients are segregated in client accounts with tier 1 banks and maintained totally separate from our own funds used to run our business. We currently accept USD, EUR and JPY base currency accounts.

Transparency platform

We believe and are committed to ensuring transparency in all aspects of our business as this leads to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. Just sign up for a live trading account on our website and get ready to enjoy the many benefits that our FX trading provision offers.

Instant Trade Execution

We use the ‘straight-thru-processing’ (STP) method for placing your orders, meaning that all your trades are sent directly to our liquidity providers for instant execution. In this way, we are able dramatically reduce speed of execution and rejected orders due to latency issues.

24 hour support

Our customer support team are available around the clock. Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about Central Forex. Feel free to contact us by email or telephone whenever necessary.

Protect your assets

As we monitor all transactions executed on our platform and use the best risk management tools available, it is theoretically impossible for our customers trading accounts to go into to minus territory, bar a major force majeure event.

Absolute Promise

Sigma FX does not have a dealing desk mean that all your orders are sent STP basis direct to the market. We do not, under any circumstances, use your funds to trade, offset losses or profit on in our own account.

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